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The City of Edgerton provides water and sanitary sewer and residential solid waste collection services for its residential utility customers. Most of the utility customers reside within the corporate limits of the City, but some water customers live outside the City. As of August 1, 2010, the City has about 696 water customers and about 600 sanitary sewer customers. The City currently contracts with Deffenbaugh to provide residential solid waste services. This service is included in the monthly utility bills.

Utility bills are currently calculated at City Hall and sent to customers once a month on or around the 1st of each month.

To activate a new residential utility account, please contact City Hall at 913-893-6231.

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The City has several water supply sources and maintains three elevated storage tanks that amounts to approximately 400,000 gallons of stored capacity.

Consumer Confidence Water Report - 2014 (covers calendar year 2013)

Consumer Confidence Water Report - 2013 (covers calendar year 2012)

Consumer Confidence Water Report - 2012 (covers calendar year 2011)

Consumer Confidence Water Report - 2011 (covers calendar year 2010)
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